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Airide System

Suitable applications:

Our Airide air suspension kits are suitable for most leaf sprung European motorhomes and Most leaf sprung European light commercial vans.

Chassis include:

Fiat, Peugeot, Mercedes, Renault Master & Trafic, Ford RWD & FWD; twin and single rear wheels,Citroen, and most leaf sprung pick up trucks. We do not manufacture kits for Alko chassis.
Our system is not suitable for cars.

Airide Operating Instructions.
Download Airide Instructions: Download the Airide Operating Instructions Document (69Kb)

We are excited to announce that we are now able to supply & fit Airide systems that incorporate an integral compressor.

This allows even easier inflation/deflation of the system using a control panel that is dashboard mounted.

This system is only currently available on Fiat & Mercedes based vehicles.

We anticipate to have dashboard mounted control panels for other vehicles very soon.

Please visit us again soon for updates.

Fiat Ducato 2007-current L/R hand drive

Compressor System

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